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Ensuring passenger satisfaction for

10 million

passengers / day (EACH DAY)
  • 15.000 Buses
  • 25.000 Bus stops
  • 30.000 Displays


LIT Transit is providing state of the art estimated time of arrival calculation and bus service control for city major operator.

Hong Kong

LIT Transit is providing accurate automatic on-board bus stop announcements, ETA and compliance in the most challenging urban canyon environment for a number of major bus operators.


Using data from 3rd party devices, LIT provides service control management platform for major operator.


Papercast e-paper displays are used at stops and for on-board applications.


Papercast solar power displays are used in the city at BVG stops to display real-time information.


Based on open data, LIT Transit provides significantly improved ETA calculation.

Vancouver, WA

LIT Transit provides back-end system for city bus fare collection system.

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