Intelligent transport solutions your city needs and your passengers want

Self-sustainable and eco displays

Papercast is an eco-friendly e-paper display solution. Connected to cloud-based management system, it provides passengers with real-time information and content updates. E-paper technology enables high readability under all conditions and extremely low power consumption, as it can run on solar power alone. Once installed on location, Papercast is practically self-sustainable.

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Improve passenger satisfaction

Today's customers like to be in control of their time, so they expect accurate, real-time and reliable information. Help your passengers plan their daily activities with more accurate predictions of bus arrival times and relevant and timely information disseminated through multiple channels. Earn their trust one positive experience at a time.

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Get the most out of your (existing) system

Transit Management System (TMS) cloud is a innovative and unique solution that builds on top of your existing equipment and data to provide you with actionable and meaningful insights which help you optimize your public transport operation. By integrating open data feeds (standard formats such as GTFS and SIRI are supported out of the box) it helps you monitor and analyze your service performance without changing your equipment.

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Collect your fares effectively

Unify and consolidate your fare collection with a modular and scalable central Automated Fare Collection system. It allows you to monitor all your fare collection related devices and gain relevant insights about revenue and ridership with deep analytics and reporting. Offer your passengers multiple payment options and ensure uninterrupted operation.

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Increase operational effectiveness

Boost the performance of your public transport with Transit Management System (CAD/AVL) which offers you a complete route, fleet and service management. It ensures accuracy, safety and compliance for operators and passengers. Transit Management System represents the ultimate solution for a smooth operation.

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Fulfill service level agreements

Service Level Agreements require transparent public transport operations. Monitor your performance metrics with our service level analysis tools and fine tune your operation to easily meet all agreements and legislative demands, fulfill your contract obligations, and proactively address compliance requirements.

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