Work smarter and act faster, putting the passenger first

Are you looking for the next generation in mobility technology solutions?

We cut through the complexity of public transport digital transformation programmes. It has never been easier to introduce modern transit technologies into your organization. With your needs at the heart of everything we do, we develop solutions that tick every box, using our own or other technologies. And you don’t need to worry about compatibility, because there isn’t a vendor or system we can’t work with.

You will benefit from a fully integrated passenger-led solution that features accurate information and advanced technologies to help you work smarter and act faster, more cost-effectively.

  • Cutting edge technology

  • Fully integrated solutions

  • Easier to implement

  • Ahead of the market

  • Deliver value for money

  • Value for your passengers

Who we help

Public transport authorities

Are you a statutory authority that oversees the operation of all public transport? 

At LIT, we support the goals of public transport authorities by enabling operators to share your vision of smart, sustainable mobility (as a service), while keeping up with the digital traveler’s needs. We improve performance transparency and optimization within the operational environment. You benefit from operators with the tools to provide mobility services of the future, while giving you access to best-in-class control and performance management systems.

Public transport operators

Are you a public enterprise or private transport company?

At LIT, we help with the balancing act. You have service control so you can significantly improve the passenger experience and your bottom line. You have visibility and management over operations and can easily demonstrate contractual performance. You have the tools to provide more reliable, convenient and predictable travel, more cost effectively and with a better grasp over revenues. And our approach to accurate service information is unrivaled.


It’s all about the service users that depend on public transport for commuting, leisure or social

At LIT, we exist to make everything easier for the passenger. Above everything else, operators need to offer services that the public wants to use (as efficiently as possible). That’s how we help! Passengers experience efficient and pleasurable transport services. They feel enlightened by live, accurate travel information where and when they want it. They also benefit from a wide range of convenient payment options, that suits them. We develop technology to make this possible.

How we help

  • Passenger Experience

    Provide the best possible passenger experience

    Improve confidence in public transport and boost service usage by enabling you to offer a travel experience that meets the high expectations of today’s passengers

  • Operational Control

    Improve operational control and efficiency

    Deliver service excellence with a visual real-time view of your entire transit network and by streamlining working practices and decision making in the control center

  • Improve Performance

    Monitor, optimize and report performance, effortlessly

    Manage the juggling act of successful public transport management with customer experience, operational efficiency and contractual obligations all covered

  • Fare Management

    Advanced fare collection that ticks every box

    Automate fare collection with a comprehensive electronic ticketing system that protects your revenues while making your services easier and more convenient to use

  • Business Intelligence

    Improve data quality and make it work harder

    Capture data from every aspect of your service, consolidate and standardize data under a single platform, then put it to work to extract as much value as possible


  • Future Mobility

    Simplify your systems for future mobility

    Embrace the tremendous opportunities of modern intelligent transport systems and break down the barriers within your existing infrastructure