5 things you need to know about LIT

If you are at any stage of considering, planning, designing, developing, implementing or rehashing a public transport technology project, you need to speak to LIT.

You want to know why? Here it is in a snapshot!


1. We put you first (well kind of)

Apologies, that’s not technically correct! Sure, we put your needs, goals and challenges first, but we believe the secret behind every successful public transport service is putting the passenger first. Taking a passenger-centric approach to mobility technology solutions will bring you faster results. We know you know this, but not every solution provider is set-up this way. This is how we started out, we walk the talk, it’s in our DNA!


2. Your needs drive innovation

Our technology has been developed for cities that are dependent on public transport, with ambitious strategies to redefine service standards. We have proven platforms that meet the needs of these forward-thinking transit agencies, but we recognize that every city is different. That’s why we bespoke every solution to give you the exceptional features you need to deliver the best results and the most value.


3. We all like a big surprise

We typically work with cities and territories where public transport is a social necessity. The economic status of these nations can vary considerably, as can the size of the transit agency we work with. Regardless, we know that budgets are always restrictive. That’s why we deliver better technology solutions that give value where it really counts, for a more competitive price than you would expect. Believe us when we tell you, you’ll be surprised!


4. Compatible in every which way

There’s so much we can say here so we will keep it as brief as possible. We align closely with you to share ownership of your operational goals. Our platforms are built on global open standards, making them easier to implement and easier to innovate. We offer one of the most flexible solutions on the market, so you can adopt, adapt and scale as you wish. Operational excellence is embedded in our systems, both facilitating your processes and using best practice to streamline.


5. Something else that no-one else has

Our customers choose us because they get technology solutions suited to their every requirement. What makes it possible? Our people. They have the courage, imagination, expertise and experience to bring about true transformation that will make the biggest difference to your passengers and your city.

Together with our customers, they have delivered technology solutions that address some of the biggest challenges in public transport right now – in the areas of monitoring, operations, predictions, information and ticketing.

If you’re looking for an innovation and integration partner for mobility technology solutions, stop the search! Get in contact to find out how together, we can Lead the Imaginable in Transport.

Alvin Lewis, Systems and Service Delivery Manager at Citybus: “Together with LIT, we have put public transport in a completely different league. Not only have their systems given us the competitive edge, but we have set a new benchmark that will continue to raise standards for passengers.”

Find out how

We are LIT. We are Leading the Imaginable in Transport.

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Rado is passionate about improving the passenger experience across the globe, with a focus on developing customer relationships and strategic partnerships in the APAC region. He also leads our go-to-market strategy for advanced prediction tools, Better ETA.

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