Welcome to the new look LIT Transit

We are excited to launch our new and refreshed website

Life has been extremely busy at LIT over the last few years. We have implemented smart mobility technology projects for customers in more than 20 countries. Our technology and capabilities have evolved at lightning speed. We have success stories that demonstrate the value of our solutions.

A lot has changed in our business and for our customers. But our website hasn’t changed at all.

“We are a firmly established player in the market and it’s time we started acting like it,” comments Rado Skender, VP Business Development at LIT. “We are ready to stand up and shout about our achievements and highlight what we have to offer for clients, partners and colleagues alike.”

That’s why we decided to create a new website. One that delivers a clear message of who we are, what we stand for, who we help and how we help.


While we have remained faithful to the LIT brand, the website has a fresh new look and we have improved the structure so you get more from a quick read. In doing so, we have more clearly defined our solutions so they are more aligned with your needs:

This is just the beginning

While the launch of our new website is the result of an exciting first phase, it’s also the beginning of an equally exciting phase of building upon what we have. We have lots of new content, insights and resources in the pipeline to help you better understand how our smart mobility technology solutions have helped public transit providers around the world, and how it can help you.

Are you ready for solutions that bring together the most powerful combination of technologies to deliver high performing public transport services that your city needs, and your passengers want?

Visit us now or any time from your desktop, tablet or mobile at

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