Helping public transport to manage the impact of coronavirus

Turn these challenges into positive change for a more sustainable future

Public transport plays a vital role in limiting the spread of COVID-19. Our customers face the difficult task of responding quickly under challenging circumstancing.

We are here to help.

Now is the time to look forward. Now is the time to adapt existing infrastructure to support our cities through the pandemic and meet the demands of modern mobility. Our mobility technology solutions and operational expertise can help you develop safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable transit, and turn these challenges into positive change.

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Mobility technology solutions

Contactless Payment

Contactless payments make it easier and quicker for passengers to board services, removes any unnecessary interaction and secures fare payment for the entire journey. It embraces the technology that passengers already have in their pockets, such as contactless cards and mobile devices. LIT Ticket offers the most convenient, cost effective and sustainable way to go cashless.

Operational Control

Whether you are managing operations under routine or emergency circumstances, you need to proactively adapt your transit fleet to address critical mobility needs. LIT Monitor and LIT Operate give you city-wide visibility and control over every aspect of your operations so you can quickly adapt on-demand or pre-scheduled services as needed, while optimizing overall performance.

Capacity Management

When managing passenger flow and vehicle occupancy is a priority, passenger counting devices and cameras can log numbers of people getting on and off at stations and stops. This data can be integrated with the passenger information system and delivered in real-time to journey planning apps and digital displays so travelers can see if there is capacity for them to board the vehicle.

Easier to use, easier to operate and easier to innovate

  • Operational excellence

    Our technology is behind some of the best transportation systems in the world, including Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. Our differentiator is making these capabilities accessible and affordable to other cities around the world where public transport is a social necessity.

  • Flexible by design

    We offer our solutions fully hosted ‘in the cloud’ with a modular, flexible and scalable solution that can be ‘sized’ to meet your specific needs – today and in the future. All our systems are intuitive and really easy to use, which means you can quickly realize the benefits.

  • Future ready

    Our systems are built on global open standards and are interoperable with all other technology. This makes them easier to implement and allows you to leverage existing technology where appropriate, while giving you a platform that is ready for future mobility.

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