Citybus is the first to provide real-time passenger information in Kuwait

Technology from LIT Transit has proven crucial to the increase in passenger journeys in extreme weather conditions in Kuwait, while providing a solid foundation for demand responsive transportation

Bus users in Kuwait can now accurately plan their journeys with reliable real-time passenger information (RTPI), while benefiting from overall service enhancements. Citybus, a division of the privately-owned City Group Co and the largest public transport operator in Kuwait, has implemented these improvements using systems from LIT Transit Ltd, a global provider of mobility technology solutions to public transport providers.

Citybus aims to change the way passengers perceive and utilize public transport with a major technology overhaul. It is the only operator to embark on digital transformation to this extent and partnered with LIT for this first major milestone. Citybus is now uniquely positioned to address a major customer satisfaction issue, while at the same time transforming its operating model. It now has improved situation awareness, command, control and decision-making capabilities, while providing accurate real-time information to passengers.

Alvin Lewis, Systems and Service Delivery Manager at Citybus: “Bus travel is now a stress-free experience for the people of Kuwait, who previously arrived at a bus stop with zero service information. We are reaping the returns with a 5 percent increase in ridership thanks to the accurate real-time information generated and disseminated by LIT systems. What’s more, we have significantly better operational control, with a future-ready platform that enables demand responsive transportation. We have captured market share with new routes and scheduling enhancements, while significantly improving operational efficiency. Overall, passenger journeys are up 12 percent in the first year.”


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LIT developed and implemented a fully integrated smart mobility platform. Around 85% of the fleet is equipped with the latest Internet of Things (IoT) tracking technology from LIT, with third-party devices on the remaining (school and shuttle buses). The back-office smart mobility platform captures and processes data from these units. The platform combines LIT’s transit management (LIT Operate) and real-time passenger information systems (LIT Inform), underpinned by an arrival prediction engine that significantly improves data quality (LIT Predict).


The platform allows Citybus to utilize the bus fleet more efficiently and provide demand responsive services. Maintaining headway given traffic conditions is now possible, which was not before. Daily operational insights allow for schedule tweaks, fleet diversion to meet peaks in demand and service tapering when required. This has all contributed to the uplift in passenger journeys.

“Together with LIT, we have put public transport in Kuwait in a completely different league. Not only have their systems given us the competitive edge, but we have set a new benchmark that will continue to raise standards for passengers,” concludes Alvin.What’s more, their competitive subscription-based services enable us to reduce capital outflow while still implementing technology that’s at the forefront of the market”.

Moving forward, Citybus is looking to expand the platform to further fit its requirements of demand responsive transportation. It will also bring planning capabilities into the platform, as well as integrate new systems, such as ticketing and passenger counting. The aim is to unify operations for smarter fleet and fare management, reduced overheads and consolidated reporting.

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