Solution Brochure: LIT Ticket Contactless Payments

Keep your drivers and citizens safe - Go cash free. Go contactless.

Solution Brochure: LIT Operate

Deliver better transit services, more efficiently - Increase passenger satisfaction and gain operational control

Solution Brochure: LIT Inform

Keep your passengers informed, in real-time - Increase ridership with accurate and reliable travel information

How can you be more resilient to pandemics?

How modern transit technology can help public transport agencies to be more responsive and provide safer, more resilient services.

The new trend in modern transit systems

There are huge benefits to moving towards transit systems as a service. What you need to know.

Case Study: LIT Transit and Citybus in Kuwait

Citybus revolutionizes operations in Kuwait with real-time passenger information

LIT Company Overview

Your innovation and integration partner for mobility technology solutions