How digital transformation can boost passenger journeys

How digital transformation of your bus fleet – using IoT and AI – can boost passenger journeys

LIT Transit – a global transit technology provider – has helped more than 110 transit companies with their digital transformation.

In this presentation, Ursa Hribernik – Head of Mobility at LIT Transit – shares the top 15 measures they have helped their customers to put in place to boost passenger journeys.


Tip 1: Improve service quality by concisely monitoring operations and acting accordingly
  1. Live performance dashboard provides real-time insight into overall fleet service execution
  2. Geospatial visualization of schedule adherence along the route aids planning and real-time adjustments
  3. Monitor headway adherence on dynamic linetrack infographic with alerts for bunching and gapping
  4. Map replay for a specified location or specified vehicles along the route over a defined time period
  5. Integrate real-time occupancy information from on board passenger counters
Tip 2: Increase passenger satisfaction with accurate and reliable journey time predictions

“Waiting for public transport services is one of the most important factors deteriorating public transport customer satisfaction.”

  1. AI-based plug and play journey time prediction engine can improve ETA accuracy and stability
  2. Provide consistent arrival, departure and travel times across all information channels
  3. Accurate journey time predictions enable passengers to plan their journey more efficiently
  4. Enables swift connections between on-demand and new mobility services that link to public transport
  5. Reliable data helps operators and authorities to better plan services
Tip 3: Build passenger trust with transparent real-time updates
  1. A multichannel approach linked to new mobility services for first- and last-mile connections
  2. Fully integrated passenger information system covering all stages of the passenger journey
  3. Journey planner with real-time arrivals and push notifications with live updates
  4. Share vehicle occupancy data so passengers can determine if there is space available
  5. Low-energy e-paper Papercast bus stop displays for live updates across the network

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