WEBINAR HIGHLIGHTS: Transit Data as a Service

DATA DRIVEN TRANSIT: Tech transforming bus operations

In our recent webinar, we explored the secret to true innovation for transit agencies and operators.


Data helps us to solve the problems faced by public transit and is the cornerstone of the best transportation systems in the world. It demystifies bus services and helps to increase bus usage. Transit data analysis allows transit providers to monitor and improve performance.

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International Technical Advisor, Sustainable Mobility in Metropolitan Regions in ASEAN (SMMR) project

Based in Cambodia, the SMMR project is an ASEAN-German Cooperation project implemented by GFA Consulting Group on behalf of GIZ and the ASEAN Secretariate.  

Conrad reflects upon innovation in transit and how technology has become very sophisticated. Today, thousands of systems and subsystems have been developed to aid and automate decision making, and thousands of vendors compete for market share. All with many different business models and operational philosophies. Oftentimes, larger vendors with a broad catalogue of technology solutions benefit from locking-in their clients to their solutions, in a phenomenon known as ‘vendor lock-in’.

This has created a minefield for governments that want to become more technologically advanced.

He explores the notion of open versus closed systems. Closed systems are not interoperable which hinders innovation, efficiency and flexibility. Conversely, open systems are able to interoperate and share data with one another, which increases the potential for innovation, efficiency and flexibility.

Conrad then discusses the need for cities to have an open ITS framework that enables data sharing, system integration and interoperability across all systems and subsystems based upon a common set of standards, governance and policies. This exists in a number of more developed cities, but is not uniform across the world.

He then demonstrates how such frameworks can be developed using examples from the Middle East and South East Asia.

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Director of Business Improvement, Transdev North America, Inc.

Transdev North America is the largest private operator of public transportation with 18,000 employees in over 200 properties and 200 million annual passenger trips across the US and Canada.

Mike shares insight on Transdev’s diverse, fragmented and complex ITS vendor landscape. In looking at how he can bring data together and work across all of these systems, Mike arrived at the Transit Data as-a-Service (TDaaS) concept – a new way to think about transit performance data.

TDaaS leverages APIs (application programming interfaces) as a way of collecting transit data from many sources to then standardize, enhance and serve up for common transit operational needs.

He discusses how a TDaaS can bridge the gap between vendor provided tools and what Transdev actually needs as a private operator – a command console for real-time transit operational management, monitoring and planning tools

One of the key benefits of this framework? Agencies can keep their existing ITS solutions, which not only maximizes their existing investment, but it gives them freedom to innovate. Mike then delves into how they have unlocked actionable data to directly improve performance and provide better services, with real examples and an outline of the on-going challenges.

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VP of Sales, LIT Transit

With more than 110 customers, LIT transit technology is behind some of the most respected transportation systems in the world.

Tomaz introduces a solution to the challenges outlined in the webinar. A platform that allows transit operators to access data from different legacy systems using one integral control point. With two solution stacks, LIT feeds data into them through open APIs:

The system is fully open with over 200 APIs built to support real-time bus operations, giving customers a 360-degree view of operations and performance. Tomaz walks the audience through the system and its advanced capabilities.

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We all agree that real-time transit data is not exploited to its fullest potential. The future looks promising with open data standards on the horizon and already in play all around the globe. Combine this with the TDaaS concept, and public transit providers can quickly and easily become more technologically advanced and improve their operations with actionable insights and real-time tools.

LIT provides innovative mobility technology solutions to public transport providers around the world. With more than 110 customers, our technology is behind some of the world’s most respected transportation systems. Benefit from these advanced urban mobility capabilities, and take part in the next generation of transit management.

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