Managing your mobility technology projects in their entirety

Solutions your city needs, and your passengers want

LIT is an innovator and integrator of real-time mobility technology solutions designed to meet your needs and overcome your challenges.

We bring together the best technologies to deliver the high performing public transport services that your city needs, and your passengers want.

Where we really add value? Our cutting-edge back-office systems will put you in a completely different league, allowing you to take part in the next generation of transit management. Developed using future-ready integration frameworks, you can benefit from some of the most advanced intelligent transport technology and functionality available.

  • Unrestricted

    Our systems are open (using international standards) and our team are expert integrators, so we can work with any existing or complementary technology. This means you get the right technology components to meet your specific needs, seamlessly integrated into a single solution.

  • Uncomplicated

    Technology changes fast, we aim to move faster! We use the most contemporary approaches to system design. Not only does this mean our solutions are future-ready and simple to use, but it’s faster, easier and therefore more cost-effective for us to develop them.

  • Unrivalled

    We take passenger-centricity to another level, which means you see results faster than you thought possible. We combine our best-in-class technologies developed for some of the world’s foremost transit agencies, with the agile and responsive mindset of a true innovator.

Mobility technology solutions

LIT Monitor

The fastest, easiest and most affordable path to the very latest transit management technology

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LIT Operate

Comprehensive transit management that facilitate service excellence and operational efficiency

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LIT Predict

Advanced prediction tools support more robust decision making and improved passenger confidence

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LIT Inform

Increase ridership with reliable real-time data delivered to every passenger information point

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LIT Ticket

Offer more convenient ways for your customers to pay while automating fare and revenue management

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