LIT Interchange

Bus Interchange Management System

Streamline bus terminal operations and optimize capacity utilization

Transform bus terminal operations and capacity utilization while creating an efficient point of interchange that ensures continuity of passenger flow and smooth transit between different segments of the transport system.

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  • Optimize capacity and utilization

  • Improve co-ordination and efficiency

  • Complete real-time visibility and control

  • Define rules for dynamic bay allocation

  • Driver information and routing

  • Automated dispatch and exit control

  • Provide real-time passenger updates

  • Automatic door opening systems

  • Seamless integration with CAD/AVL

Smart Interchange Management

More than 110 public transit organizations benefit from LIT technology, including providers that operate some of the most respected transportation systems in the world. Benefit from these advanced urban mobility capabilities, and take part in the next generation of interchange management.

  • Capacity Utilization

    Increase interchange capacity and bay utilization

  • Boost Efficiency

    Optimize efficiency and coordination across the terminal

  • Improve Oversight

    Gain visibility and control across the entire interchange

  • Passenger Experience

    Significantly improve passenger flow and the transit experience

Easy to implement, easy to use and easy to innovate

Leverage existing hardware, integrate with third-parties

Seamlessly integrates with CAD/AVL systems, transit planning applications, passenger information systems and digital signage.

Centralized oversight, automated management

Control center has complete real-time visibility and control across the entire interchange situation. With the ability to make manual interventions, operators can also view and manage the status of every connected device.

Dynamic bay allocation and bus routing

Predefined operational rules handle dynamic bay allocation and automatically directs drivers to the allocated bay via the displays at the interchange entrance. Timely, automated dispatch supported by full exit control.

Improve the passenger experience

Keep passengers well informed of bus arrivals, bay allocation and departures through digital signage and audio announcements. Automatic bus and interchange door opening systems ensure passenger safety.

Optimize interchange capacity and utilization

Increase interchange capacity and bay utilization, particularly important in urban areas where space is at a premium. Centralized management and automation significantly improve efficiency across the terminal.

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