LIT Intermodal

Mobility as a Service Platform

Seamless start-to-destination mobility for your passengers

Multimodal integration simplifies the rider experience and promotes the shift towards more sustainable travel modes. This technology stack brings various modes of transport into a single mobility ecosystem, allowing MaaS operators to provide seamless travel across public, on-demand and new mobility offers.

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  • Integrated journey planning

  • Account-based ticketing

  • Flexible service model

  • Available anytime, anywhere

  • On-premise & cloud available

  • Cost effective and scalable

  • Completely customizable

  • Regular updates & improvements

Mobility that suits the way travelers consume services

With more than 110 customers, our technology is behind some of the most respected transportation systems in the world. Benefit from these advanced urban mobility capabilities, and take part in the next generation of intermodal transit.

  • Faster Journeys

    Faster and easier for passengers to get to their destination

  • Start-to-Destination

    Last mile/first mile connections using on-demand transport

  • More Convenient

    Choose from various travel options based on speed and cost

  • Easy Payments

    Various account-based ticketing options with mobile app

Easy to implement, easy to use and easy to innovate

Connect various mobility providers for door-to-door trips

Combine existing public transport operators with new mobility providers to connect all districts and localities in your area in an open platform.

Smart mobility underpinned by best in class transit data

Industry leading arrival prediction engine provides vastly improved ETA data for fast, reliable transitions between transport modes.

Meet the expectations of today’s digital traveler

Offer a diverse menu of transport options so passengers can get to their destination in a way that meets their time, cost or experience parameters.

Plan and pay seamlessly in one place

Provide a seamless journey experience with multimodal trip planning tools, a one-stop ticket shop and real-time arrival information in a single mobile app.

Create new opportunities with other mobility providers

Secure new revenue streams and promote the shift towards more sustainable travel modes by solving inconvenient – first/last mile – parts of the journey.

Access data to drive innovation and meet future needs

Access real-time insights on performance across all mobility providers in your city, as well as insights on travel patterns and demand, for better future planning.

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Trusted solutions around the world


Nomago consolidated, modernized and streamlined 12 different bus operations across CE Europe into one transit management platform.


Transdev is taking feeds from various systems to consolidate on-time management into a master operation reporting structure.

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