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Are you ready to embrace the age of intermodal mobility across your city?

Would you like to provide an integrated journey experience for your passengers, while establishing a solid platform for connecting new mobility operators in the future?

LIT Intermodal brings various modes of transport into a single mobility ecosystem. Allowing cities to provide seamless travel across multiple modes of transport, multimodal integration makes it faster and easier for passengers to get to their destination.

Promote the shift towards more sustainable travel modes by offering passengers seamless mobility, without the need to own a car.

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Open Multimodal Integration (MaaS)

Integrate all transport modes across your city. Combine existing public transport operators with new mobility providers to connect all districts of your city. This offers greatly improved access to an array of public and shared transport services.


Custom Passenger Application

Offering a truly connected travel experience is underpinned by integrated journey planning and account based ticketing. LIT offers passenger information and ticketing systems that lay a solid foundation for mobility as a service operations.


ETA as a Service Predict&Disseminate

Cutting-edge algorithms from LIT provide accurate ETA for vastly improved services and fast transitions between transport modes. These powerful analytics is vital for seamless intermodal mobility and underpins modern transport planning and operations.

Benefits at a glance


    Connect with various mobility providers to complement your public transport backbone. Gain more frequent passengers by offering them a variety of modes that satisfy the majority of their commuting needs around the city.



    Provide a seamless journey experience to your passengers by giving them intermodal journey planning tools and a one-stop ticket shop. Improved ETA will decrease waiting times and improve customer satisfaction.


    Get accurate real-time insights on service performance across all mobility providers in your city, as well as insights on travel patterns and demand, for more informed decision making and better future planning.


    Partnering with new mobility providers creates new business models that result in new revenue streams. LIT provides technology to handle integrated account based ticketing, so you can focus on operations and revenue.

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