LIT Monitor

Real-time Operations Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of your operations, anywhere

The ability to monitor operations is an important success factor for modern transport services. This plug and play real-time transit management system integrates with existing technologies and is a real asset for operators and authorities alike.

Operators can improve performance and service quality while lowering costs. Authorities can have oversight of public transport operations in the city.

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  • Create more value from your data

  • Leverage existing ITS solutions

  • Wide range of integration adapters

  • Various data standardization options

  • Manage a variety of tailored KPIs

  • Modular and scalable system

  • Flexible storage and analytics models

  • Provide access to transit open data

  • Get more control and reduce costs

Proactively improve the reliability and efficiency of transit services

With more than 110 customers, our technology is behind some of the most respected transportation systems in the world. Benefit from these advanced urban mobility capabilities, and take part in the next generation of transit management.

  • Boost Satisfaction

    Provide more reliable services in-line with passenger needs

  • Optimize in real-time

    Visual monitoring enables you to quickly pinpoint issues

  • Sustainable Transit

    Improve attractiveness and promote modal shift

  • Manage Performance

    Central platform for an integrated view of your entire city

Easy to implement, easy to use and easy to innovate

Real-time visibility for improved service performance

Visual dashboards show every vehicle on interactive real-time maps with schedule and headway adherence monitoring, and instant replay of historical events.


More reliable services boost passenger satisfaction

Proactively pinpoint issues against a variety of KPIs and adjust services in real-time to improve on-time performance and the passenger experience.


The next generation in transit monitoring from existing technology

Unlock data from a wide range of existing onboard systems into a central platform for an integrated view of your entire operations and performance.


Oversee and improve public transport operations in your city

Monitor and analyze performance for every operator in your city in a central platform, quickly investigate issues that impact ongoing performance.


Advanced analytics and reporting for greater compliance

Flexible reporting allows you to generate customized reports and filter against various data parameters to demonstrate or track contract compliance.


Remove the complexity and expense of modern transit systems

Integrates seamlessly with a wide range of onboard and back-office systems. The pay as you grow service model lets you scale as fleet operations grow.

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Trusted solutions around the world


Transdev is taking feeds from various systems to consolidate on-time management into a master operation reporting structure.


Mwasalat Misr, the first operator to bring smart mobility to Africa, transforms a congested mega city towards a more sustainable future.

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