Advanced Operations Management

Do you need to improve the way you do things?

Could you benefit from improved operational control, streamlined working practices and optimized resources?

LIT Operate gives you a comprehensive and intuitive transit management system that facilitates service excellence. It provides real-time visibility and control over every aspect of your operations, and gives you significantly improved situation awareness, command, control and decision making capabilities.

  • Complete visibility of activity in real-time

  • Provide safe and timely services

  • Act proactively and quickly to incidents

  • Optimize and improve, in-the-moment

  • Instant, automated decision making

  • Cost effective and easy to implement

  • Streamline procedures and processes

  • Detailed performance insights

Benefits at a glance

  • Fully interoperable

    Integration ready, the platform works with a wide range of onboard systems using our advanced onboard unit (or your existing unit), as well as any back-office systems

  • Operational control

    The back-office operation control system gives a comprehensive real-time view of activity across the entire network with live performance stats for key service indicators

  • Passenger satisfaction

    Digitize and automate your workflows so you can easily respond to demand and incidents, with tools to quickly make proactive or in-the-moment service adjustments

  • Service excellence

    Advanced information and analytics capabilities give you a detailed view of your performance so you can make improvements that will optimize operations and enhance services

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