Real-Time Predictions

Do you need to improve your real-time passenger information accuracy?

Looking for more stable and accurate data that doesn’t let your passengers wait at the bus stop?

LIT Predict is a cutting-edge ETA prediction engine that gives very accurate and stable ETA predictions along the route, in real-time and in an open data format. It improves the information quality at all stages of the journey, and generates arrival, departure and journey times that are reflective of the actual service.

  • Understand existing ETA data quality

  • Significantly improve data accuracy

  • Consistent data layer for every system

  • More accurate passenger information

  • The best possible view of future trips

  • More robust service planning

  • Global open data compliant

  • Cost effective and easy to implement

Benefits at a glance

  • Significantly improve data quality

    Understand your ETA accuracy and get the best possible view of future trips by consolidating existing CAD/AVL data feeds and applying advanced statistical analysis

  • Accurate data for every system

    Fully compliant with global open data standards, this accurate data can feed your transit management and passenger information systems, as well as any third-party technology

  • Improve passenger satisfaction

    Remove uncertainty and boost service confidence by replacing every arrival, departure and journey time made by your existing system with a more accurate ‘real-world’ calculation

  • More robust service planning

    Get accurate insights on service performance, in depth and in real-time, for more informed decision making, as well as historical data recording for compliance and audit reporting

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