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Most Accurate Prediction Data

On time, every time: The best-in-class prediction engine

Innovative machine learning underpins this cutting-edge ETA prediction engine. It generates the industry’s most accurate and stable arrival predictions along the route, in real-time. This data can underpin every strategic, planning and operational decision, as well as your passenger information system and mobility applications.

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  • Multiple languages available

  • Available anytime, anywhere

  • Cloud-based or on-premise

  • Flexible service model

  • Easy to implement

  • Plug and play system

  • Regular updates and improvements

  • Cost effective and scalable

Provide better services and a more positive rider experience

With more than 110 customers, our technology is behind some of the most respected transportation systems in the world. Benefit from these advanced urban mobility capabilities, and take part in the next generation of transit management.

  • Improve Services

    Transform operations with more robust, accurate data

  • Boost Satisfaction

    Remove rider uncertainty when waiting at stops

  • Sustainable Transit

    Attract more people to use buses and promote modal shift

  • Open Data Framework

    Empower innovation with accurate data and easy to connect APIs

Easy to implement, easy to use and easy to innovate

Improves industry standard prediction data by at least 30%

Machine learning algorithms process historical and real-time data to generate the industry’s most accurate transit data that can underpin your entire operations.

Open data layer boosts multi-operator predictions

Ensure your systems, departments and stakeholders are all working from the same source of truth, also with multi-operator support across cities, regions or countries.

On time, every time – the best-in-class prediction engine

Vastly improve reliability and give the perception that services are on time – if the data says the bus will arrive in 7 minutes, it arrives in 7 minutes.

More robust service planning and real-time operations

Power your entire transit system with a consistent, accurate data layer that will underpin decision making and drive a new level of service performance.

Have complete confidence in your data quality

Detailed real-time and historical analytics allow you to audit the accuracy of your data, then provide it to passengers and stakeholders with complete confidence.

Remove the complexity and expense of modern transit systems

Leverage your investment in information assets, it consolidates data from existing CAD/AVL data feeds and scales as your fleet operations grow.

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Trusted solutions around the world

Hong Kong

Real-time operations underpinned by accurate data enabled Hong Kong to precisely and swiftly optimize services in the face of COVID–19.


The focus in the Czech market was on the delay. Find out how accurate arrival predictions presented a huge pivot point for mobility in Prague.

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