Automated Fare Collection

When it comes to ticketing, do your customers expect more?

Do you need an easier way to manage multiple, more convenient ways for your customers to pay?

LIT Ticket offers a flexible platform to automate fare and revenue management. Passengers can board services faster and pay in a way that suits them, with simple purchase or reload options. You can manage complex fare policies and improve revenue capture, appropriation and reporting.

  • Easier ticket access for passengers

  • Wide range of purchasing options

  • Account-based, closed and open-loop

  • Reduce boarding times

  • Streamline and simplify fare policies

  • Accurate revenue reporting

  • Easy to learn and easy to use system

  • Cost effective and easy to implement

Benefits at a glance

  • Streamline complex payments

    Powerful back office system manages, consolidates, reconstructs and monitors your entire payment platform, integration-ready with front-end services and hardware devices

  • Customer freedom, simplified

    Flexible platform simplifies complex fare structures and enables you to offer a wide range of ticketing options and payment systems (closed-loop, open-loop and account-based)

  • Accurate revenue reporting

    Accurate fare collection with comprehensive clearing and settlement, analytics on revenues and ridership, with comprehensive reporting and targeted product-price optimization

  • Fast and easy implementation

    Easy to learn modular system allows the addition of new payment options at any time and can scale with your service, with SaaS based pricing for a low ongoing cost

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