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Transit Ticketing and Fare Management

Attract more passengers and be ready for intermodal payments

Offer the latest digital and mobile payment systems with this flexible platform for automated fare and revenue management. Passengers can board services faster and pay in a way that suits them, with simple purchase or reload options. You can manage complex fare policies and improve revenue capture, appropriation and reporting.

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  • Secure payment transactions

  • Multilingual web platform

  • Reliable system uptime

  • Open & modular architecture

  • Maintenance & support

  • On-premise or cloud available

  • Integrates with existing systems

  • Well documented open APIs

  • Cost effective and scalable

Make a smooth transition from cash to contactless

With more than 110 customers, our technology is behind some of the most respected transportation systems in the world. Benefit from these advanced urban mobility capabilities, and take part in the next generation of transit payments and mobile ticketing.

  • Safer Transit

    Reduce cash handling and minimize personal contact

  • Better Experience

    Faster ticket purchases improve flow and speed-up boarding

  • Simplify Fares

    Offer best price, fare caping and other ticket pricing strategies

  • Boost Revenues

    Reduce fare evasion, leakage and cash handling costs

Easy to implement, easy to use and easy to innovate

Collect fares and manage revenues in one central system

Powerful back office system manages and monitors your entire ticketing and payment environment, the open architecture is geared up for easy integration.

Give travelers easier, more convenient ways to pay

Simplify complex fare structures and offer a wide range of ticketing options and payment systems (closed-loop, open-loop and account-based).

Profit by migrating from cash to electronic payment media

Overcome a wide range of cash handling, accounting and auditing challenges – improve revenue capture and control, with deep analytics and reporting.

Quickly and cost effectively deploy mobile ticketing

Quicky deploy mobile ticketing services with the branded mobility app – travelers can plan their journeys and purchase tickets using their mobile.

Ready for future mobility and MaaS enablement

Lay the foundations for integrated passenger transport, easily move to intermodal payment structures with fares and ticketing for start-to-destination.

Remove the complexity and expense of modern ticketing systems

User-friendly modular system allows you to add new payment options easily at any time and is completely scalable with a flexible subscription-based pricing model.

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India was already progressing towards contactless mobility, now COVID-19 has accelerated the digital payment agenda.


Which contactless payment system will dominate in the future – open payments versus closed loop? What did London decide?

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