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Transit Management System

Transit Management System is a complete solution for managing and improving your public transportation services and operations. Powerful data processing tools offer overall service analysis, while intuitive data visualizations enable real time insights, creating opportunities for instant improvements and optimization.

A full range of Wi-Fi and 3G/LTE based communication options between the central system and buses assures optimal performance and cost efficiency. ETA engine calculates bus arrivals in real time and merges the results with timetables displayed throughout the integrated Passenger Information System.

Automated Fare Collection

Multi-modal Automated Fare Collection (AFC) system collects and reports revenue accurately and efficiently, enables easy travel and improves passenger experience. All AFC devices are integrated with, connected to, and share data with the Central System.

The AFC Central System:

  • allows managing and distribution of settings of all AFC devices,
  • allows flexible fare configuration,
  • enables operators to offer and manage different payment types (smartcards, tickets, mobile tickets, etc.) to target riders,
  • is equipped with deep analytics and reporting tools, which provide operators with relevant insights about revenue and ridership.

Automated Fare Collection system can be seamlessly integrated into the Transit Management System.

Passenger Information System

In public transport a good information comes at the right time and at the right place. At the right time is when the passengers need it, and the right place is where they are looking for it.

Our integrated Real Time Passenger Information System enables you to timely disseminate all relevant information through multiple channels simultaneously. It supports multiple devices such as e-paper bus stop and bus station displays, on board e-paper and LED displays, on board audio announcements (ABSA), websites, and mobile apps, on which accurate information is always available and instantly accessible.

E-paper Displays

E-paper displays are the next generation information display platform. By operating on solar power as standard, this sturdy bus stop companion boasts of ultra low power requirements and maintenance cost. Once installed, units are practically self-sustainable.

All physical displays are connected to cloud-based content management system via ethernet or 3G/LTE connection. This allows for timely dissemination of rich, informative, relevant, and up-to-date content on dynamic e-paper displays. Displays offer unparalleled visibility with high contrast, no glare, 180-degree viewing angle even in bright sunlight. In the dark, displays can be illuminated by built-in front LED light.


Transit Management System Cloud

TMS Cloud is built on top of your legacy CAD/AVL system. It reprocesses and analyses real time open data feeds from the CAD/AVL system (GTFS RT, SIRI and other standard formats are supported) to improve your services in three key aspects: Estimated Time of Arrival accuracy, performance monitoring, and service level accountability measures. Monitoring of industry standard (as well as custom set) key performance indicators reveals agency deficiencies in real-time and generates actionable insights, which you can use as basis for further improvements.



Better ETA

The accuracy of your Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) predictions is one of the main factors in high passenger satisfaction. Better ETA takes existing data feeds from your current CAD/AVL system and runs it through advanced statistical engines to improve your ETA accuracy. Improved ETA data can be easily and quickly integrated back to your passenger information system and other applications. Better ETA also displays generated KPIs & valuable insights, which can be accessed online from any device and used for further service improvements.

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