LIT Transit joins Visa Ready for Transit to improve rider journeys

LIT Transit is helping transit operators around the world experience the benefits of next generation, contactless fare payments

LIT Transit Ltd, a global mobility technology solutions provider, today announced that it has joined 100 partners enrolled in the Visa Ready for Transit program. This means more transit operators can deliver better journeys for public transport users with next generation fare payment solutions from LIT.

Transit agencies globally are recognizing the speed and convenience of contactless payments at fare gates and on buses. Tapping-to-ride with contactless payments offers a fast, easy, secure and seamless customer experience. Riders save valuable time by avoiding the need to pre-purchase a traditional ticket, manage a standalone transit card or stand in line to reload their fare card.

Contactless transit solutions streamline fare collection and reduce operational costs, while boosting ridership through an improved customer experience. Transport operators and authorities can reduce congestion at stations and improve passenger flow. Furthermore, by allowing customers to board services much faster, agencies can significantly improve on-time service performance and the overall passenger experience.

Visa is accelerating the adoption of such solutions by approving partners able to provide solutions that comply with Visa’s requirements and recommended practices for mass transit acceptance. By giving transit agencies access to Visa-certified solutions, it simplifies the process of identifying the right partner, streamlines testing and implementation and expedites overall time-to market.

By being part of this program, the automated fare collection solution from LIT (LIT Ticket) is undergoing Visa certification as a trusted solution that meets the highest industry standards.

Rado Skender, VP Business Development at LIT, comments: “We are committed to helping transit agencies to bring more passengers onboard, faster. The Visa Ready for Transit certification is a valuable enhancement to our solution. When granted, it will give our customers the reassurance that our technology and capabilities are certified and tested within Visa’s requirements. This means both transit agencies and their customers can realize the benefits of contactless payments faster.” 

LIT Ticket offers a flexible and comprehensive platform to automate fare and revenue management. It combines LIT’s powerful back office system with the associated front-end hardware devices, and supports a wide range of ticketing options and payment systems, including closed-loop, open-loop and account-based payments.

The back-office control system controls all elements of the platform including accurate fare collection with comprehensive clearing and settlement, analytics on revenues and ridership, with comprehensive reporting and targeted product-price optimization.

Posted 26th January 2020 By