We are looking for partners – are you a good FIT for LIT

No company is an island!

We are a growth driven company and work with enthusiastic partners who share our vision to transform the world of public transport, making public transit easier to use, easier to operate and easier to innovate.

While we focus on our strength as a technology innovator – creating software solutions with next generation capabilities to transform the world of public transport – we rely on our network of partners to incorporate and integrate our technology into a wide range of public transit projects.

With more than 110 transport institutions using our solutions worldwide, we are looking to extend our partner network through our new reseller program. There are many benefits to joining, but who are we looking to work with?

What does an ideal LIT partner look like?

We work with technology partners of all sizes that are already working with public transit agencies and bus operators. In many cases, they also act as a local integrator meaning they can also take care of any integration and first and second level support if required (although this isn’t essential).

We invite any established service provider in the field of intelligent transit management to apply for the program, however the following have typically proven to be a mutually rewarding fit.


1. System integrators

We work with systems integrators that provide a wide range of industry solutions in either highly specialized or very broad vertical and horizontal markets, such as security technology companies and network service providers.

While they are all very different in nature, they are all in the smart cities or smart mobility space, helping their customers to modernize and digitalize operations. This can take them into the public transit space in need of a partner to provide software solutions that meet the very specialist requirements of transit operations modernization.

Bringing LIT software into their portfolio allows them to deliver fully integrated solutions that meet customer needs, it also allows them to capture new business opportunities and revenue streams.

What’s more, they benefit from cloud-based solutions underpinned by a modern open standards framework that is completely geared up for easy integration with third party systems.


2. Public transit technology solution providers with complementary solutions

We partner with technology providers and vendors that provide complementary solutions to the public transit market either on a country, region or global basis. They come across the following opportunities but they don’t have the capabilities to capitalize on them:

We help ticketing, safety, security and digital signage solution providers, among others, to move into transit operations leveraging our technology and expertise.

They have won projects they would not otherwise have been able to do so, captured new revenue streams, extended the lifetime value of their customers and improved client satisfaction/retention.


3. Public transport operators

We work with a wide range of mobility companies that operate multiple transport systems and have a wider agenda to manage operations beyond regulator provided systems.

Our expertise and technology play a role in a wider eco-system that allows them to integrate solutions and lead with an innovative, efficient, connected and sustainable public transit system.

We help mobility companies to:

We are so passionate about transit transformation and inclusion that we welcome collaboration in any form as long as it aligns with our mission to transform the world of public transport, making public transit easier to use, easier to operate and easier to innovate.

We even partner with organizations that others would consider to be direct competitors.

Where there is an opportunity, there is a way.

Get started, become an IT Transit authorized reseller. Provide us with more information about your business by filling out this form, and our team will get in contact.

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