Working with AMCO to achieve an uninterrupted passenger flow

Were you at IT-TRANS 2016 in Karlsruhe, Germany?

Fortunately, we were! The focus was on emerging technologies that are transforming the relationship between public transport and its customers. The theme was very apt because it was here that LIT and AMCO discovered a collaboration that would offer something truly unique to the global public transport market.

We have pleasure in introducing you to AMCO, who are leading the way in technology solutions that meet future mobility challenges, with LIT by its side.

Interview with Iraklis Kitsonas, International Sales Manager at AMCO.


How did this partnership come about?

We met at IT-TRANS 2016. One of the benefits of participating in these global exhibitions is that you can evaluate potential partnerships on the spot. While we were quick to understand that our technologies are complementary, it’s also important to work with like-minded professionals. This is the origin of the LIT-AMCO cooperation.

How do LIT solutions complement your own?

AMCO’s focus is to design and manufacture top of the line equipment for the global public transport industry. Coupled with LIT’s software, our technology comes together to offer an end-to-end solution to operators. It also puts us in a considerably stronger position to compete for large scale projects in international markets.

How do your joint solutions stand out from the competition?

Both AMCO and LIT design and develop solutions in-house. This gives us the flexibility to better manage expectations and customize the final offering according to the exact requirements of the customer.

“Our partnership with LIT allows us to provide best-in-class solutions to support wide-ranging mobility technology programs around the world. LIT complement our fare collection devices perfectly, with one of the most flexible and comprehensive back-end systems on the market. We now collaborate to deliver total solutions, bringing transit management and passenger information systems into the mix.”

What single thing do you help customers to achieve?

The main objective of our customers is to achieve an uninterrupted passenger flow. We help them achieve this by applying our technology for more efficient process automation and to make the passenger experience as frictionless as possible.

What is the biggest benefit to your customers?

Automation can also be translated into cost reduction in terms of both personnel engagement and paper waste. In addition, public transportation becomes more attractive to a wider segment of the population which subsequently increases revenue.

Why do customers choose LIT-AMCO solutions over the competition?

Apart from advanced R&D and compelling application of technology, our joint references in both mature and emerging markets reassure current and potential customers of our ability to deliver large scale projects.

What’s the best thing about working with LIT?

Great people, sharp minds!

“We are dedicated to providing the best possible mobility technology solutions and recognize that our partners are vital to achieve this,” comments Rado Skender from LIT. “We’ve always enjoyed a great relationship with AMCO, and we’re thrilled that, together, we can better serve our customers.”


AMCO Advanced Technologies was established in 2003 to create solutions that cover today’s needs but also anticipate and respond to future mobility challenges. The company combines different solutions and components, and develop complete systems to provide reliable and accessible transport mobility services. From bus and rail transport to parking and bike-sharing systems, its goal is to enhance and simplify mobility services around the world.

A huge thank you to Iraklis for sharing with us.



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