Working with BNV Consulting to transform the passenger experience

Collaboration. It underpins everything at LIT, from the inside out.

When it comes to our partners, we work together to offer the transit market a truly unique technology solution, in a way that is mutually beneficial for everyone. The story here provides an excellent example of this.

We have pleasure in introducing you to Radek Novotný from public transport consulting firm BNV Consulting. Radek also owns a bus operator in Prague called ABOUT ME sro (Prague integrated transport minibus lines).

Interview with Radek Novotný, Partner at BNV Consulting and Owner of ABOUT ME sro.

How did this partnership come about?

My relationship with Bogdan and Rado goes back a long time, around ten years. I used to collaborate with them when they were at Telargo (global provider of mobile asset management, now Descartes) and our relationship continued when they set-up LIT.


How do LIT solutions complement your own?

The collaboration is multifaceted. BNV Consulting works with transit agencies with mobility technology requirements. We offer LIT’s technology to meet these requirements. We have also deployed LIT’s solutions within ABOUT ME sro. There’s no greater case study than our own. Not only do we benefit from the technology as an end user, BNV Consulting clients have the opportunity to see it perform in a live operational environment.


How do your joint solutions stand out from the competition?

Big data and cloud-based solutions are not yet industry standard in Czech. I firmly believe that this is the direction the market will move in and we have an advantage right now.

“Smart mobility initiatives are underway to make public transport the first choice for travel. Collaborating with LIT has enabled us to support this strategy, by introducing innovative technologies that have a significant positive impact on the passenger experience. LIT technologies are extremely easy to implement and use, offer excellent capabilities for a reasonable price, and are designed to meet the demands of future mobility.” 

Also, accurate bus arrival predictions. Believe it or not, this is not common. Other solutions on the market are about actual time deviation against schedule.

What is the biggest benefit to your customers?

In addition to the point above, it’s the open nature of LIT’s technology. Everything is developed with an open interface to globally recognized standards, which opens a world of opportunity. The systems can be integrated with any existing technology and the customer has complete flexibility to build upon it in the future.

Why do customers choose your solutions over the competition?

We already have a personal relationship with the client due to our consulting work. It is also acknowledged that LIT’s technology is quite possibly the most advanced in the markets where we operate.

What customer projects can we mention?

Through ABOUT ME sro we are piloting LIT’s transit management system for Prague Integrated Transport (PID), we also have solutions operational in Písek and Velesin with ČSAD AUTOBUSY CB.

What’s the best thing about working with LIT?

Smart people who are developing advanced products and technology.

“We are dedicated to providing the best possible mobility technology solutions and recognize that our partners are vital to achieve this,” comments Rado Skender from LIT. “We have enjoyed a great relationship with Radek over many years and are excited about the opportunities ahead of us in the Czech and Slovak market.”

ABOUT BNV Consulting

BNV Consulting is a professional service company that specializes in public transport solutions, not only within the Czech market but also across the Central and Eastern European countries.

A huge thank you to Radek for sharing with us.

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Rado is passionate about improving the passenger experience across the globe, with a focus on developing customer relationships and strategic partnerships in the APAC region. He also leads our go-to-market strategy for advanced prediction tools, Better ETA.

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