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Provide the best possible passenger information everywhere, at all times

“We struggle to get live travel updates to our passengers. We lack a ‘single source of truth’ for our data, then an easy way to get it to them at all stages of their journey.”

When we ask transport authorities and operators what their biggest objectives are right now, this is one of the things they say to us. In this blog we reveal how we help with the very latest real-time passenger information technology.

Timely multi-channel distribution of live travel information

Buses are unpredictable. They can be late. There, we put it out there!

No matter how advanced our tracking technology and control algorithms, there are many things that are simply out of our control. Other road users (there are so many of them), the commuter that can’t find his travel pass, the passenger that needs help boarding, temporary obstructions that cause slow-moving traffic, bad weather and so the list goes on!

But how easy is it for disgruntled travelers to attack transit companies on social media? And even worse, shift away from bus travel to other modes of transport.

This is a bitter pill to swallow when we’re working so hard to make bus travel more attractive as a sustainable form of transport, to ultimately increase ridership. So how do we make customers feel great about services, given the unpredictable nature of our roads?

Tell them what is happening!

A report by Transport Focus on How late is late – What bus passengers think about punctuality and timetables, revealed the following passenger expectations:

But we know this right?


Alvin Lewis, Systems and Service Delivery Manager at Citybus:Bus travel is now a stress-free experience for the people of Kuwait, who previously arrived at a bus stop with zero service information. We are reaping the returns with a 5 percent increase in ridership thanks to the accurate real-time information generated and disseminated by LIT systems.

Find out how


Live passenger information has become commonplace in pretty much every mode of transport. Train stations have digital displays showing accurate travel information, as do airports. And what about Uber, who excels in giving customers visibility of their trip.

If you consider that bus travel is probably less predictable than every other mode of public transport, how do we keep passengers satisfied? We need to overcome the shortfalls by keeping passengers as informed as possible.

We need to provide accurate real-time travel information consistently delivered to every passenger information touchpoint.

Fortunately, things are improving…

We have seen the light and most cities now have a strategy in place to provide live travel information to passengers at all stages of their journey, from planning through to arrival at their destination.

Some cities are well on their way, while others have a vision but are working on a plan of action. But they all come from a different starting point with a unique migration plan, depending on their legacy systems. Regardless, the future utopia looks something like this:

This isn’t a dream. The future utopia is very much today’s reality, and it is easier to transition than you would think.

Introducing LIT Inform: Smart Passenger Information

LIT Inform is for public transport operators that need to enlighten passengers with live travel information. It has the edge in capturing, processing and supplying accurate and consistent real-time data to every possible passenger touchpoint.

By integrating some of the most advanced system components on the market, it provides a single platform for timely multi-channel distribution of live travel information to mobile apps, digital displays and onboard units.

In a nutshell, LIT Inform enables you to effortlessly supply timely, accurate and consistent real-time data to every possible passenger touchpoint.

If you want to transform passenger confidence and ridership by offering the best possible information everywhere, at all times, contact us for a demo of LIT Inform.

This is blog three in a series on a deep dive into our main solution areas, read the previous on LIT Predict and the next on LIT Ticket.

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