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Your fastest possible path to the very latest transit management technology

“We need an affordable way to quickly and easily improve operations. We have the underlying technology, but it isn’t giving us what we need to run modern transport services.”

When we ask transport authorities and operators what their biggest issue is right now, this is one of the things they say to us. In this blog we reveal how we quickly and easily solve the challenge with the very latest transit management technology.

Modernizing public transport, starting with the back-office

Transport is facing its biggest transition since the invention of the first modern automobile over a century ago. New technologies, data capabilities and business platforms have disrupted public transport, rapidly changing how people move and redefining urban travel under the banner Smart Mobility.

For us, this means getting people to their destination in a faster, frictionless, efficient and sustainable way using technology. It also means making public transport more attractive and reaching new users by providing the modern traveler with the value-added services that are now expected as standard.

Of course, modernizing public transport is based on several factors, but we believe the very first step is to ready your operations control center for future mobility (which is here today). You need to make sure it has the right technology to plan, manage and monitor public transport services in the most efficient way possible.

It’s a no brainer, so what’s stopping you?

If you want to provide the best possible transport services, you need control of your operations. It’s a no-brainer, right?

Every service provider will be using a transit management system in one form or another. The history of this technology dates back several decades, but these platforms are a world away from the current state-of-the-art solutions.


Alvin Lewis, Systems and Service Delivery Manager at Citybus: “We have significantly better operational control, with a future-ready platform that enables demand responsive transportation. We have captured market share with new routes and scheduling enhancements, while significantly improving operational efficiency. Overall, passenger journeys are up 12 percent in the first year.”


Find out how


We all want the latest and greatest, but it isn’t always as simple as that! There are always hurdles to overcome, particularly when it comes to complex public transport infrastructure. Here are just a few of the many situations we come across:

  1. ‘Our system is not able to calculate and visualize the key performance indicators that we need to monitor to achieve our goals.’
  2. ‘We invested in a vehicle location system a while back and we just don’t have the funds to change it.’
  3. ‘We’ve been using our transit management system for years, admittedly it’s no longer fit for purpose compared to what’s out there now, but we have to invest in _____ this year.’
  4. ‘We had a huge implementation a few years back and are locked in with our current supplier as the technology and data format is bespoke to them, we’re not sure we can change now.’
  5. ‘We’ve been chipping away at our current system with regular upgrades, so far this has been quite costly, and we still have a way to go.”
  6. ‘Our infrastructure is so fragmented, with data originating from multiple sources, we just need to simplify things but haven’t yet worked out the most effective way to tackle it.’
  7. ‘We are an authority overseeing the entire city with multiple monitoring systems, it’s disjointed and time-consuming, but we have other capital investment priorities this year.’

Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

Well, we are here to help! We love a challenge and our mission is to transform the world of public transport by making it easier to use, easier to operate and easier to innovate. So, we have simplified the complex with a platform that is easy to implement, packed with advanced features and affordable for even the smallest operators and authorities.

Introducing LIT Monitor: Accelerate Service Transformation

LIT Monitor is for public transport operators and authorities that want the fastest possible path to the very latest transit management technology. It gives you an intuitive yet powerful operations control toolset using your existing data assets and technologies, so you can get the ultimate value from your vehicle location data for better operational control and performance.

What really captures everyone’s attention is the affordable monthly cost. Offered as software as a service, you pay a monthly subscription fee based on the number of buses connected to the system.

In a nutshell, LIT Monitor significantly speeds-up and simplifies operations transformation. You benefit from an advanced future-ready transit management system that’s affordable, with minimal risk due to the subscription-based pricing.

If you want to your vehicle location data to give you better operational control and performance, for a monthly cost, contact us for a demo of LIT Monitor.

This is blog one in a series on a deep dive into our main solution areas, read blog two on LIT Operate here.

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