Our Head of Mobility Services is interviewed by UITP for IT-TRANS 2020

Urša Hribernik shares her thoughts in a speaker interview in advance of this year’s IT-TRANS

This year, UITP will once again bring IT-TRANS to the world of public transport. On 3-5 March, thousands of people will come together in Karlsruhe to discuss technology and IT-TRANS for urban mobility.

As we approach our time in Karlsruhe, UITP is sitting down with several conference speakers to get their thoughts on IT-TRANS 2020, what they expect from this year’s edition and what’s to come for mobility going forward.

Read the interview with Ursa Hribernik, Head of Mobility at LIT.

She shares her thoughts in her answers to the following questions:

Q1: Ursa, LIT Transit is a technology enabler of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions to help public authorities and operators enhance services and attract more passengers. MaaS is a very topical and interesting subject right now. What’s your take on the MaaS discussion taking place in the sector?

Q2: You’ve had an impressive career, ranging from roles in engineering to business development in the mobility, automotive and IT industry. Can you tell our readers more about your path to where you are now? (Ursa also founded her own p2p car sharing and joined a SaaS based start-up as a COO).

Q3: LIT Transit are new UITP members, welcome to our international family! How do you envision your relationship with UITP? What does it mean for LIT Transit to become part of UITP?

Q4: You describe one of your objectives as “a mission to bridge the gap between new mobility providers, transport authorities and operators.” What is the missing connection right now? What does the sector need to do next?

Q5: IT-TRANS is all about bringing the sector together to debate the future of public transport. Let’s look forward five years: what does urban mobility look like in 2025?

Q6: And finally, if not the world of mobility…what would you be doing?

Don’t forget to stop by stand 1 M2 in Hall 1 at IT-TRANS to meet Ursa and to find out more about LIT mobility technology solutions, which includes the very latest transit management, passenger information and automated ticketing technology.

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