BUS OPERATORS: The time for digital transformation has arrived

BUS OPERATORS: The time for digital transformation has arrived

Why are so many transit operators, agencies and cities around the world adopting smart mobility technologies? How can we efficiently and sustainably build a future beyond coronavirus?

Digital transformation leads to more agile transit operations that can significantly reduce costs while providing better services and improving the passenger experience. The current pandemic is accelerating the need for cities to embrace smart mobility technology and digitize operations.

In this webinar, industry leaders take a deep dive into the future of transit operations and why now is the time to embrace modern technologies. Learn from their first-hand experience and leave with practical ideas for improving performance.

Learning Points:

  • How operators are adapting to COVID-19 around the world
  • How you can be more resilient to major disruption in the future
  • How technology can be applied to improve transit service quality and performance
  • Why transit operators should speed-up their digital transformation plans
  • What you can do to implement and benefit from new technology more rapidly

This webinar took place on 20 May 2020. It is now available to watch on-demand, please complete the form below for instant access.

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Michael Haynes

Director of Business Improvement,
Transdev Services, Inc.

Michael will share his experience in transforming one of the world largest bus operators

Borut Puklavec

Chief Technology Officer,

Borut set-up an IT department from scratch for one of the largest bus companies in the CEE region

Tayssir Hawary

Managing Director,
Eazy Mobility

Tayssir will discuss the transformation of public transport in Egypt with Mwasalat MISR