GO CONTACTLESS: Keep your drivers and passengers safe

GO CONTACTLESS: Keep your drivers and passengers safe

The reasons for going cashless right now are obvious. If you remove cash handling and minimize any personal contact, you can reduce the risk of spreading the virus. But if you consider the bigger picture, there are many other benefits.

Fast and frictionless payments offer a compelling passenger experience, considerable operational efficiencies and higher productivity of resources. It speeds up boarding which directly impacts on-time performance and schedule adherence, while securing cost savings of up to 70% by replacing cash handling with digital ticketing.

In this webinar, we explore the future of digital ticketing and why now is the time to embrace these modern technologies.

Learning Points:

  • How agencies are adapting to COVID-19 around the world
  • How you will improve the rider experience while boosting your bottom line
  • Why contactless payments will ready you for future mobility and multi-modal travel
  • Why transit agencies should speed-up their digital ticketing implementation plans
  • What you can do to implement and benefit from contactless payment more rapidly

This webinar took place on 27 May 2020. It is now available to watch on-demand, please complete the form below for instant access.

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